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Exterior Signs

Exterior Signage Examples

With unlimited customization options, premium materials and finishing options, there really is no limit to the kind of outdoor business signs we can create, including:

  • Awnings
  • Marquees
  • Mounted signs
  • Monument signs
  • Steel outdoor signs
  • Freestanding signs
  • Lit-letter outdoor signs
  • Maps & directional signs
  • Freestanding pylon signs
  • Exterior wall-mounted signs
  • Exterior architectural signage elements
Monument Signs

Graphic House, Inc. offers monument sign construction and installations that are efficient, cost-effective and structurally sound. Our foundations are engineered to withstand extreme weather conditions and a wind load minimum of 30 psi, while our bases are constructed with a steel sub-frame, exterior pressure-treated plywood and engineered support for lintels.  We use the same brick or stone masonry as traditional methods, and our base and sign are assembled in a controlled environment to ensure correct curing. Our foundations support both the base and sign, with excavations drilled to eliminate the need for oversized excavations and backfilling. Installation time is greatly reduced as the foundation and sign can be installed on the same day in any weather condition.

Pylon Signs

Pylon signs are mounted on a pole, independent of any business or structure. These are often the highway signs or road signs you would see while driving. No matter your industry, our expert team can help design and create an eye-catching pylon sign that captures your audience’s attention in high-traffic areas.


Large campuses can be confusing to visitors, whether it be a commercial complex, hospital, government building or university. Investing in outdoor signage for directions, trails, or parks can assist your customers or visitors easily to determine where to go and how to get there.

Outdoor Wall Signs

When it comes to exterior wall signs, Graphic House, Inc. truly does it all. From simple wall-mounted signs to projected awnings, our custom outdoor wall signs give you everything you need to get your messages and brand front and center where visitors can see them.

Trail Signs

Easy-to-follow signage and legible directions are the keys to successful wayfinding. We can create and install outdoor trail signage and markers that direct visitors where to go and provide vital information on the area. Graphic House, Inc. can help keep your trail feeling as natural as possible with wood trail signs, rusted metals and more.

“Not a day goes by that we do not get a compliment on our exterior building signage. It has truly helped Old Wisconsin increase our brand awareness and we are grateful to the team at Graphic House for all their help.”- Chuck Pfrang, Plant Manager, Old Wisconsin Sausage
Outdoor building sign and digital screen for a business.