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Wisconsin Rapids River Trail – Wayfinding Signage

Municipal wayfinding sign created for Wisconsin Rapids.

When the City of Wisconsin Rapids in WI needed city-wide wayfinding signs, they chose Graphic House as their local signage partner. Designed by Corbin Designs to embrace the natural beauty of Wisconsin Rapids, our team was honored to work with a neighboring city on such a modern and environmentally friendly municipal sign project. 

Working with the sign designs, our team fabricated and installed seven different types of wayfinding signs throughout the city. These signs included trail markers, trail guides, identification signs for the park, trailhead and parking lot, bicycle guides and pedestrian kiosks. 

Featuring cedar wood, steel and aluminum elements, our team ensured the signs would not only enhance their natural environment but remain sturdy for years to come. 


Project Features

  • Sign design interpretation 
  • City-wide sign fabrication & installation 
  • Environmentally friendly signage materials & specifications